Intense Pulse Light

Scottsdale-Photo-Rejuvenation-PhoenixPulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation is also frequently called IPL or Photofacial.

This wonderful light source has been designed and refined over the years to remove brown pigmented spots, smooth the skin surface and diminish the appearance of broken red facial capillaries, perfect for treating the aging face and patients with rosacea. A series of these treatments can clean up your skin and turn the hands of time back with little or no downtime. You can out that night, back to the office or just back to your busy life. This treatment is perfect for both men and women.

Photo Rejuvenation can also be done anywhere else on the body, like hands, arms, legs, and chest. It’s safe and like everything else at Biltmore Skin Care Center, this treatment has met with the FDA’s approval. However you should exercise great caution by selecting a Nurse or Physician that is extremely experienced and who has done countless of these procedures. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to see if “our magic wand” is right for you.

Be sure to contact the Biltmore Skin Care Center for details on Photo Rejuvenation.