Jan Dupuy

Nurse Specialist in Cosmetic Skin Care

When visiting Biltmore Skin Care Center, you see Jan Dupuy each and every time. Jan is passionate about her practice, her techniques and the safety of her patients.

Jan Dupuy is a Registered Nurse and has been since 1981. Jan opened Biltmore Skin Care Center in 2002. Her practice is under the supervision of the esteemed Dr. Andrew Wolin, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Jan is considered  in her field of facial rejuvenation a “Master Injector,” and uses only FDA approved products. With her eye on symmetry and beauty, her top priority is the safety and satisfaction of her patients.

Your satisfaction is Jan’s primary goal. That is how she has excelled in building and maintaining such an excellent practice.

“Awards and accolades are nice,” says Jan, “but a referral from a happy patient or physician is the highest compliment I can receive.”

The scope of Jan’s practice is all-inclusive. Jan performs all of the treatments herself.

Jan and her staff look forward to making you part of the Biltmore Skin Care Center family.