Biomedic is a medical grade product line developed for true corrective skin care. Originally formulated and distributed in Arizona, where they know a thing or two about sun damage and aging skin. As the company expanded and the demand for their products grew, they teamed up with the Doctors and Scientists at La-Roche Posay, a dermatology and healing spa in Swtizerland and shortly thereafter, the two became one dynamic, foreword thinking team.

All La-Roche products are distributed these days by the cosmetic giant Loreal. Some La-Roche items by Loreal can be purchased OTC (over the counter) in a pharmacy. The BIOMEDIC line, however, is only to be sold by a physician’s office. The BIOMEDIC line, labeled as BIOMEDIC is much stronger and requires closer supervision when using. The following descriptions are not a complete listing of the numerous products we carry but instead a brief highlight and overview.

Purifying Cleanser - is often referred to as the “staple” in this line. It’s rich and packs a zesty punch with just the right amount of glycolic acid to make your skin feel alive and younger . It’s safe for all skin types.

Conditioning Solution - is the perfect compliment to the Purifying Cleanser. It balances, tightens and tones without leaving you too dry. It too contains Glycolic acid which is a big tool in the battle against the development of fine line and wrinkles, perfect for those over the age of 30.

Antebac Acne wash - is a must have in the arsenal against active acne and acne prone skin. It contains salicylic acid which we all know works wonders in containing and treating acne bacteria. Suitable for any age.

LHA wash- A wonderful new addition to the BIOMEDIC line, this is great for aging, oily skin. The ingredients take this cleanser to a whole new level. It’s the strongest in the line and a favorite with the over 40 crowd!

LHA Pre-peel Solution- This new toner is strong and effective. Coupled with the cleanser and the LHA serum one can expect to exfoliate gently on a daily basis and that’s what anti-aging skin care is all about! Cleanse, exfoliate and protect!

LHA serum- Apply this gentle giant every night before bed and in six weeks you will see pores tighten and brown spots fade. It’s smooth as silk and your skin will be too!

C Potent C- We carry several Vitamin C formulas but this one lives up to it’s name “Potent”. It was formulated using a stable formula that will safely and effectively transports the “C” to the deeper level of your skin called the dermis. The dermis is where cellular production and true correction takes place. Why buy a product that isn’t going to reach the dermis? Many do not!

We also carry many other BIOMEDIC products so please feel free to call us with your inquiries. We only want the best for your skin.

Be sure to contact the Biltmore Skin Care Center for details on Biomedic.

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